Top 10 Nail Art Designs Of The Week

Nail art has been trending on social media of late and it’s not hard to see why. Trends come and go, but one thing that never goes out of style are well-done manicures and pedicures. If you’re looking to add some personality to your hands or feet, nail art might be the best way to go about it! Check out our top 10 nail art designs of the week below!

1) Watercolor Nails

nail art

Watercolor nails are one of those cool nail art designs that add a personal touch to an otherwise simple manicure. A watercolor is a good option for anyone who wants their nails to look clean and elegant but maybe doesn’t want to go all out with an elaborate design. It’s also a smart choice for busy people who don’t have time or interest in intricate nail art every week or even month. A watercolor design takes less than five minutes from start to finish.

2) Polka Dot

nail art

The newest nail art trend to sweep Instagram, polka dots are instantly fun. They’re also a little easier than some of their more intricate counterparts—meaning you can make them look like you’ve spent way more time on your nails than you really have. If your polish-application skills aren’t quite up to par, opt for dotted polish strips instead.

3) Geometric Shapes

nail art

Geometric shapes are extremely popular for nail art designs. Some shapes, like hearts and circles, can be quite simple to draw on your nails. Other complex shapes may require a stencil or special design pens and make use of a special undercoat. Geometric shapes are an excellent way to get creative with your manicure while keeping it easy enough that anyone can do it! Here are our favorite geometric nail art designs from Instagram

4) Marble

Marble nail art is, hands down, one of my favorites! It’s also one of our oldest and most requested designs. These nails are as beautiful as they are easy to do. All you need is a thin nail polish brush and black nail polish. You’ll have your marbled nails ready in no time! (See top photo for step-by-step instructions). And if black isn’t your thing, that’s okay—you can choose any color you like!

5) Stripes

Stripes are one of our favorite looks because they can be worn year-round. We love how classic stripes look in every color and pattern, as well as on all kinds of nails, from short to long to oval and squared. Whether you prefer pastels or bright colors, horizontal or vertical lines, a thick stripe, or thin—there are so many ways to get creative with stripes! And best yet: they’re easy to do at home using nail polish strips.

6) Fresh Floral

nail art

We all know how flowers brighten a room, but did you know that wearing them can do wonders for your nails? The next time you’re designing your mani, incorporate some fresh floral elements. We love a pink (think peonies or roses) and white (think dahlias or hydrangeas) scheme. It’s an elegant combination that will give your hands a pop without being over the top.

7) Plaid Prints

nail art

A plaid print is a great example of a design that doesn’t have to be over-the-top to look cool. If you can’t find a scarf or blouse in a plaid pattern, these nails are an ideal substitute. The black and white colors work perfectly for fall and will look good with any outfit. While wearing them, remind yourself that sometimes it’s okay to play it safe!

8) Stippling Effect

With just a single line and 3 strokes, you can create a lovely stippling design. Start by creating a line about 1/4 inch from your cuticle area and make small circles with your brush. Continue to do so until you have created little dots all over. You can also use several colors for added creativity, but it will work fine even with just one color if that’s what you prefer.

9) Gel Effect

nail art

A simple DIY nail polish technique. Gel nails have become all-the-rage these days, but they can be very expensive to keep up with. However, you can achieve a similar effect at home with simple tools and polish.

10) Black&White Effects

nail art

This manicure looks simple, but it’s really not. The look is achieved by using two different nail polish shades. Use white to paint a base coat on your nails, then use black to create thin lines across each nail. Next, use a dotting tool to add spots of white to each finger for extra dimension and shine! Finish off with a clear topcoat to make your nails last longer.


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