Top 10 Hair Highlights Of 2022

Hair highlights have always been an essential part of having great-looking hair, and that trend will continue into the future. However, some new trends are starting to pop up with regards to these highlights, particularly regarding the types of colors that people are requesting and the placement of these highlights on their head. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 hair highlights trends of 2022 to give you an idea of what kind of options you might have when getting your next highlights service!

1) Green Dip-dye Hair Color

Hair Highlights

This green dip-dye hair color has been recently trending among celebrities and runway models, including Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson. It creates a cool, bohemian look that’s great for everyday wear. The key is to use a semi-permanent dye. So you can easily go back to your natural color if you want.

2) Dark Blue Balayage Hair

Hair Highlights

Dark Blue Balayage hair has been a rising trend over recent years and is forecasted to be even more popular in 2022. With dark hair and vibrant blue highlights. You can’t go wrong with Dark Blue Balayage. This color is great for women who love to be noticed or those looking for a little extra pop in their lives. Dark Blue Balayage Hair works especially well on lighter complexions and brunettes as it adds depth to your look.

3) Straight Silver Blonde Hair

Hair Highlights

If you’re looking for a unique but low-maintenance look, straight silver-blonde hair is a great option. Best for those with very light or thin hair, a pure silver color can be achieved with or without streaks. Since there’s no texture to disrupt your flow, you won’t have to worry about frizz when it rains.

4) Center Parted Golden Brown Blonde Hair

Hair Highlights

If you’re a brunette looking to do something more than just deepen your hue, try a center-parted golden brown blonde. This playful style is sure to attract attention from onlookers who will be impressed by your adventurous nature and brave fashion sense. The key to pulling off an orange or yellow hair highlight like these is to keep them small and simple, no one wants their head to look like it was attacked by a giant crayon!

5) Crushed Strawberry Balayage Hair

Hair Highlights

What do you get when you take a traditional balayage highlight and then add strawberry tones? You get one eye-catching style that women won’t be able to resist in 2022. This look is not just for blondes, however, as balayage highlights can be applied to any shade of hair for a slightly more dimensional look. The great thing about crushed strawberry highlights is that it’s a low-maintenance color because your base color doesn’t need to be lightened too much.

6) Cascading Choppy Colorful Red Hair

Hair Highlights

Many women (and some men) have been wearing unconventional colored hair for quite some time. But in about a decade, we may see celebrities and trendsetters sporting a whole new kind of color: cascading choppy colorful red hair. It’s a different take on colorful highlights that can still incorporate strands or strands that are so light they seem white. And while we don’t yet know whether or not cascading choppy colorful red hair will catch on with everyone, it seems like it has potential.

7) Brown Ombre Long

The popularity of brown ombre hair highlights should never fade. The classic look will certainly be timeless and trendy. Brown is one of those colors that works well with any skin tone. So we’ll definitely see it around for a long time. If you want to try brown ombre highlights now. Talk to your stylist about how much red or orange to use in your hair color formula to create a light strawberry-blonde shade with caramel tones at your ends.

8) Orange Brown Streaked

Hair Highlights


One color to look out for in 2022 is orange-brown streaks. This shade has made its way into Hollywood hair salons. Though it’s unlikely to adopt by run-of-the-mill customers (and you probably won’t see an orange-brown hair trend on our list of tomorrow’s top colors). It has received a bad reputation over time because it looks unnatural. But a good dye job will make anyone look good.

9) Platinum Balayage

In recent years, balayage highlights, which look as though you were born with them, have been on a major rise. The trend shows no signs of slowing down. And in fact, is expected to experience yet another surge in popularity by 2022. If you want to be a beauty trendsetter without having to worry about damage from traditional bleach, platinum balayage is one of your best bets for achieving hair-raising highlights.

10) Yellow Ombre

Another hair color that’s almost certainly going to become very popular in 2022 is the yellow ombre. These highlights are now beginning to appear in salons, but they are still somewhat rare. Still, if you want to give yourself a bold look for your new year’s party, or simply love shocking people with unexpected hairstyles and colors, then the yellow ombre might be for you.


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