Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne In 7 Days

Acne can be troublesome, especially if it’s in a hard-to-reach place like the back or chest. But no matter how stubborn your acne may seem, there are plenty of ways to clear up your skin. Follow these steps on how to get rid of stubborn acne in just seven days!

Day 1 – Cleanse

stubborn acne

Wash your face using a salicylic acid cleanser. In many cases, stubborn acne is accompanied by oily skin. Salicylic acid removes excess oil from your skin without irritating it. Exfoliate: After washing your face, exfoliate with a facial scrub that contains glycolic or salicylic acid. Glycolic and salicylic acids contain natural anti-bacterial properties that fight against acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

Day 2 – Exfoliate

stubborn acne

Exfoliating your skin regularly can help prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores and triggering outbreaks. If you have stubborn acne, it’s important to use a gentle physical exfoliant such as a cleansing cloth that won’t irritate your skin. Gently rub away flaky, dull skin with a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil. After two minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Day 3 – Use a Treatment Mask

stubborn acne

Today we’re going to use a treatment mask. A treatment mask is designed to purify your skin and get rid of acne-causing bacteria, pore-clogging dirt, oil, and makeup residue. The most common ingredients for a treatment mask are clay or charcoal powder. If you have extra sensitive skin, try avoiding masks with these ingredients and opt for an ultra-gentle formulation instead.

Day 4 – Moisturize

stubborn acne

Hydration is key to clear skin. Apply a good moisturizer every morning and night. Don’t have time? Just grab some water! Hydration helps your body flush out toxins and better fight off free radicals, which can lead to more breakouts. Drink up! Be sure to choose a moisturizer that has SPF protection—most experts recommend a minimum of 30 SPF. This will help protect your skin from sun damage, another leading cause of acne flare-ups.

Day 5 – Use Ice Packs

The best way to take care of stubborn acne is by using ice packs. The coldness that they provide helps reduce inflammation and swelling within your pores. It also closes them off from bacteria and other forms of dirt, which will cause more problems if left untreated. Simply put an ice pack on affected areas for 10 minutes each day, preferably a few times a day, for faster results!

Day 6 – Use An Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleanser

You’ll definitely want to use an anti-bacterial facial cleanser. To kill acne-causing bacteria, it’s important to use a cleanser that not only removes dirt and oil from your skin but also one that will target these bacteria as well. If you don’t have anti-bacterial soap or cleanser available, opt for warm water and try your best to get all of your face completely clean.

Day 7 – Moisturize Again

After you apply your spot treatment, make sure to moisturize your face again. This will help to ensure that you are getting rid of all remaining acne-causing oils on your skin, helping to prevent more breakouts. Be sure to hydrate with a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. Choose one that contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic or lactic acid because they can help exfoliate the skin without irritating it and encourage cell turnover.


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