False Eyelashes: How To Apply Them!

What’s the best way to get long, luscious eyelashes? If you said false eyelashes! you’re in the right place! Before you invest in some falsies, however, there are a few things you should know about them so that you can choose the ones that will give you the most natural look possible. For example, did you know that false eyelashes come in different shapes and sizes? To find out more about these differences and their importance of them, keep reading!

Why should you wear false eyelashes?

false eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes might seem like an extra, unnecessary step, but it can have a serious impact on your look. The right pair of falsies can help you change up your entire face! For example, if you’re wearing too much makeup (which happens all too often) or are going for a youthful daytime look, a set of falsies with subtle lashes may be exactly what you need. If you don’t wear any makeup at all or just want to kick things up a notch at night time, though, try going with more dramatic lashes instead! Though they can be difficult to apply correctly without special tools and experience, false eyelashes are usually much thicker than natural ones and give your eyes a bigger appearance.

What are the different styles of fake lashes?

There are three main types of false eyelashes: individual lashes, strips, and clusters.

Individual lashes are simply that: individual lash strands that you glue on one by one. The drawback is that it takes a long time to apply them all and not everyone can get an even look with individual lashes.

Strips give you length without too much thickness, which makes them great for those who want more natural-looking lashes.

Clusters are just strips put together on a single strip of lash—they’re easy to apply but they don’t offer as much length or volume as individual or strip lashes.

How do you apply false lashes?

false eyelashes

Here are some general steps for applying your lash strips:

  1. Prep your lash area by removing any excess mascara or liner from your natural lashes, then use an oil-based makeup remover or wipes (both work great) as a clean slate for setting them up properly.
  2. Remove the false eyelash strip from its packaging, laying it flat on a table before opening it completely.
  3. Choose which eye to start with and line up one end of your strip along your upper lash line without pressing down yet; hold it in place using a small piece of double-sided tape or eyelash glue until you’re ready to secure it for good.
  4. Check out both sides of your strip to make sure all five rows aren’t sticking together; gently separate if they are by pulling apart gently—if doing so doesn’t hurt too much!
  5. Pick up each row one at a time starting at either side; be careful not to touch to avoid getting any glue on your fingers!
  6. Carefully position individual lashes over top of your natural lashes by lining them up under your base, making sure everything lines up perfectly before slowly pressing down onto your skin.
  7. Apply a few drops of lash glue to the top of the strip where it meets skin; wait about 30 seconds for it to become tacky before applying extra pressure and letting go once more so you can check for any gaps between falsies and actual lashes.
  8. If everything looks okay after waiting again, let go completely when finished and allow the glue to dry thoroughly overnight at least—many people recommend trying not to sleep on them right away!

Do they hurt?

The short answer is no, they don’t hurt. The application can feel a little weird if you’re not used to them, but they won’t hurt. What might hurt is removing them if you have super sensitive eyes as I do. They come off super easily though with some baby oil or a makeup remover wipe so there’s no need to panic.

How long do they last?

The longevity of your eyelash extensions will depend on a few factors: daily care, genetics, and maintenance. We all know how well a good night’s sleep can do for our eyes, but if you don’t get enough sleep or aren’t getting enough rest during the day, you may find that your eyelash extensions are not lasting as long as they could be. We recommend using eye cream nightly and trying to get at least eight hours of rest in order to achieve optimal results. An intense workout routine can also be taxing on lashes because sweat can loosen your eyelash extensions.

Which length is good for beginners?

false eyelashes

If you’re just starting out with false eyelashes, it’s best to look for styles that are easily manageable. Take into account your own eye shape and length of natural lashes. If you have short or thin lashes, then a slightly longer lash style may be easier for you to apply; but if you have thick lashes and a rounder eye shape, an extra-long fluttery lash style might suit you better. It’s all about choosing a false lash style that looks natural with your own individual features, so experiment with different options until you find one that works for you!

What if I can’t get them off?

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare. The false eyelash you spent a small fortune on has been on for 48 hours straight and it’s time to take them off, but getting those suckers off without damaging your own eyelashes is tricky. A good pair of tweezers should do just fine. Lay down a hand towel, then hold one eye open with one hand while holding your other index finger over the top of where you want to pluck out the lash, then gently tug at it until it comes free. Repeat with remaining lashes.

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