Curly Hair: 5 Must-Know Things

Curly hair can be fun and stylish, but it can also take quite a bit of work to care for properly. If you’re struggling with how to care for your curly hair and keep it looking its best, check out these five must-know things:

Best Way to Care for Curly Hair

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Most people tend to think straightening hair is easier than caring for it, but that’s not always true. A great way to care for your curls is by using a non-sulfate shampoo, which will help preserve your hair’s natural oil without drying it out. You should also use products made especially for curly hair; these contain oils and other ingredients that help tame unruly curls without weighing them down. When you’re trying to style your curls, always start with minimal product and build from there. And don’t be afraid of gel—it can actually help control frizz! But make sure you get one made specifically for curly hair.

Avoid Having Greasy Curls

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Don’t skimp on shampoo. When you have curly hair, it’s essential to use a good lather to lift away natural oil and dirt that can weigh down curls which leads to greasiness. Instead of saving money by buying cheap shampoos, opt for one from a brand. These are specifically made with coarse and wavy/curly hair in mind; just check that they won’t strip too much natural oil from your scalp when you do use them.

What Products Should I Use to Keep My Hair Healthy?

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First and foremost, when it comes to curly hair care, you should stay away from any kind of heat. This means no blow drying, curling irons, or straightening wands. Heat actually dries out your curls causing them to become frizzy, dull, and brittle. The best way to get rid of frizz is by applying a deep conditioner to your hair after washing it while it wets. Oftentimes these products can be bought from stores or made at home using natural ingredients such as eggs and milk or yogurt. But if you’re too busy to make your own, there are plenty of excellent store-bought options which will work wonders on your own naturally curly and wavy hair!

What’s the Difference Between Wavy and Curly Hair?

Most hair types fall somewhere on a spectrum of curl: straighter on one end, curlier on the other. If you want to know what type of hair you have, first look at your part. When it’s straight across, it’s likely that your natural texture is straight. When it tends to fall off to one side or another, then you’re probably wavy.

Wavy hair falls somewhere in between straight and curly—think of Lady Gaga’s famous mane—while curly hair often forms tight ringlets around each strand.

Causes of Frizzy, Dry Curls

There are multiple causes of frizzy, dry curls. One of them is genetics. Some people’s hair simply has a coarser texture, and as such it gets frizzier when it’s humid out or if there isn’t any product in it. Additionally, this kind of hair tends to curl tighter around itself which causes further damage from heat styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons. Blow drying your hair when you have naturally curly hair will cause more breakage than with straight hair. Similarly, frequent flat ironing can leave your curls with a rougher texture because flat irons grab on to each individual strand as opposed to just gliding over strands that are more relaxed in their natural state.

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