10 Best Lipstick Colors For Your Skin Tone

The best lipstick colors are ones that enhance your natural beauty rather than detract from it. Finding the right lipstick color to match your skin tone can be trick, yhowever, especially if you’re new to wearing lipstick and don’t know what looks good on you yet. This list of 10 best lipstick colors for your skin tone can help you find just the right shade to make your lips look their best – no matter what your skin color may be!

1) Neutral Shades Basic

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There are always classic lip colors, including basic reds and browns as well as pinks. These shades look best on most skin tones, especially if you go with darker shades of neutral reds and browns. If you choose a light neutral shade of pink or red, you’ll need to have very fair skin to pull it off. Darker versions of these colors look better on darker complexions (especially when paired with a smokey eye).

2) Pop Out Of The Crowd Reds

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Reds are known for standing out, but not every red is made equal. If you’re choosing your lipstick color based on what will help you pop out of a crowd, stick to brighter reds. If you have a pale complexion, stick to cooler reds such as fuchsia and magenta. For darker complexions, warmer colors such as orange and peach are more complementary.

3) Go For Gorgeous Plum Colours

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I’m not a huge fan of red lipstick. For me, it clashes with my skin tone and draws too much attention to my lips. If you’re in a similar boat, I encourage you to experiment with plum shades instead! Plum colors make your mouth look less thin, which is an issue when wearing brighter shades like red or fuchsia.

4) Bold Nudes That Suit Every Personality

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Every woman wants to look bold and beautiful, especially in her bold lipstick colors. If you’re tired of wearing reds or purples, it’s time to try a new shade of boldness: nude. The best part about nude lipsticks is that they suit every skin tone; whether you have warm undertones or cool undertones, these lipsticks will make you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable when you wear them.

5) Sassy Burgundy Shades

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Instead of opting for a classic red lip, try out burgundy. Not only is it more flattering on your complexion and skin tone than a bright red would be, but it’s also more fashionable (it’s one of Pantone’s colors of the year!). Try adding sassy burgundy shades to your wardrobe and apply them to your lips for an elegant look.

6) Daring Darker Red Shades

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If you want to look elegant and mature, then darker red lipstick shades are for you. They tend to be dramatic and can make your lips look fuller. If you have a round face shape, avoid vivid shades of red as they will emphasize it even more. On top of that, if you’re not a fan of bolder colors, neutral red shades with plum undertones are your best bet as they aren’t overwhelming but still provide a beautiful pop of color.

7) Beautiful Pink Shades

There are some lipsticks that come in pink shades that are too light or too bright for some skin tones. To find a lipstick color that’s appropriate for your skin tone, you should look at which colors work best with your unique shade and undertones. For example, if you have cool undertones (blue) to your skin, it means you have pinkish-white skin, often referred to as alabaster in tone.

8) Light, Fresh Orange Colours

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Bright orange lipstick can look fantastic on a few skin tones, but it’s not for everyone. If you have fair skin or freckles and are looking to give your lips some added pop of color, a light orange shade is likely to work well with your complexion. Olive-toned skin can also pull off lighter shades of orange; however, a bolder hue may overpower your face.

9) Exotic Yellow, Peach and Rose Shades

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If you have warm undertones, these lipstick colors will really complement your natural coloring. These shades look great with Asian and Caucasian skin tones. Exotic yellow is a citrusy color that looks fantastic on people with fair skin tones. Peach and rose shades are soft and romantic choices that work especially well on medium skin tones. If you’re darker, consider deeper rose or peach hues, as they can make pale complexions appear washed out and chalky.

10) Vibrant Blue and Green Tones

If you have fair skin, a vibrant blue or green lipstick could be your best bet when it comes to flattering colors. These shades will contrast with your pale skin and draw attention to your lips in a positive way, creating a fun and playful look. You can make them even brighter by pairing them with dramatic eye makeup or winged eyeliner.


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