Beauty And Makeup: What Girls Really Want

Beauty and makeup can be very subjective, especially when it comes to what girls really want from their looks. Do you think you know the answer? Take this quiz and find out! Then share your result with your friends to see if they agree with you! Maybe this will help you find out more about the way other people think about beauty and makeup. And that’s a beautiful thing! 🙂

Makeup Is Fun

So why do girls love makeup so much? Some people think that we like to paint on a layer of concealer and foundation to hide our imperfections and blend in with others, but we’re actually doing it for fun. For us, it’s all about getting out of our shells and trying something new. Experimenting with beauty products can be exciting—especially when you don’t have an expectation of perfection! Nobody is flawless, so there’s nothing wrong with experimenting until you find products you love.

Beauty Is Power

 When it comes to makeup, power can be defined in many ways. Maybe you’re in an industry that relies on maintaining a professional image, or maybe you just want to look your best in all situations. Whatever your reason for wearing makeup, having control over your appearance is an amazing feeling. You don’t have to feel powerless against blemishes or dull skin—here are some tricks for using beauty and makeup to gain power! Pairing Your Skincare with Your Eye Shadow: Choosing an eye shadow color to match with skincare can seem like quite a challenge, but if you know what types of colors look good on your eyes (and skin tone), you’ll find pairing colors easy.

Some Colors Are Better Than Others

Beauty And Makeup

 There are a number of factors to consider when you’re considering what color your nails should be, including skin tone and outfit. In general, dark shades tend to look best on shorter women with darker complexions, while lighter colors work well for women with fair skin and freckles. Whatever your complexion or size, though, never wear a shade that clashes with an item in your wardrobe—it’s a guaranteed way to ruin your look. Instead, opt for a more complementary color so as not to distract from your figure. For example, if you have bright green eyes, don’t pick emerald green nail polish; instead, go with royal blue or red so as not to divert attention from your beautiful eyes.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Bold Patterns

Beauty And Makeup

You don’t have to shy away from bold patterns if you want to look great. There are a variety of ways you can work a pattern into your look, and make it a part of your signature style. It’s all about knowing how to wear them right, for example, wearing something head-to-toe with one bold pattern will just result in looking like a walking billboard for that brand or design. So stick to mixing and matching different colors within a similar family. In other words, stick to solids at home but try different patterns when you go out on weekends.



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