6 Places You’re Missing To Apply Sunscreen

If you’re anything like me. You probably apply sunscreen to your face and arms before heading outside. But other areas of your body are left unprotected. If this sounds like you, it’s time to change your ways! Your scalp and the back of your neck can burn just as easily as your face, and don’t forget about those ears and ankles! Here are 10 places you might be missing to apply sunscreen and how to best protect them from the sun.

Your Legs, Arms, And Back

If you’re like most people, you overlook your extremities (arms, legs, and back) when it comes to sunscreen. The bad news: those areas get a lot of sun exposure and often aren’t protected by clothing or shade. The good news: they’re easy to apply because they’re not covered in hair. Here are three steps for applying sunscreen safely and effectively on every inch of your body (including your scalp): 1. put some on. 2. Rub it in with your fingers. 3. Then give yourself a final check for spots that may have been missed. Better yet, ask someone else to help with step 3 so you don’t miss any bits!

The Ears

Wearing ear protection may seem like an obvious way to avoid getting too much sun, but it’s a lot more important than you think. The ears are one of the areas most often missed by sunscreen users. And that can lead to serious problems. So before you head out on your next vacation, take a look at these ten areas where you should apply sunscreen. And don’t forget about your ears!

The Eyes

Apply Sunscreen

It seems that we all know about applying sunscreen to our face and neck in order to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer, but what about our eyes? We don’t typically think of protecting our eyes from sun damage, but it’s important. Over time, repeated exposure to sunlight can cause permanent damage to your vision. So make sure you apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher on your lids and under-eye area, too.

The Mouth

Apply Sunscreen

Your mouth is actually a major organ of your body; it’s important to make sure you keep it protected from UV damage and sunburn. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for getting skin cancer, but you can also irritate or dry out your lips, which can then make them prone to cracking or bleeding. Keep sunscreen with SPF in your car so that if you do get stuck driving home, at least your mouth will be protected.

Skin Around the Nails

Apply Sunscreen

We may think that skin on our fingers and toes isn’t especially susceptible to UV rays, but there are two things to keep in mind. First, contrary to popular belief, nails actually contain melanin—the same stuff that gives our skin color. Secondly, ultraviolet light has more of an effect on nails than you might think: it can discolor them and, if you’re spending a lot of time in a pool or at the beach, it can make them brittle. For example, women who got weekly manicures were twice as likely to get squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) around their fingernails; people with 20 or more years of sun exposure tend to have weaker fingernails overall.

The Armpits

Not only is skin in your armpits sensitive to sun exposure, but it’s more likely to burn there than on other parts of your body. When you apply sunscreen. Rub it onto your entire arm to ensure that you’re protected in a place where most people are likely to miss when they’re applying sunscreen. If you shave, make sure that you do so prior to applying sun protection—otherwise, your razor will act as a barrier and may lead to even more burns. And if you really want complete coverage for all areas of skin exposed during swimming and going about your day-to-day life, try waterproof sunscreen or wear a rash guard shirt over your regular clothes.


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